What Does Acupuncture Treat?

needle in the hand at Denise Fiedler's officeAcupuncture treats a wide variety of conditions from external pain conditions caused by trauma to deep internal progressive diseases

The easiest way to tell if acupuncture can help you is to consider if you would like to feel better than you do now. Acupuncture can likely help. The theory behind acupuncture is very different from that of Western Medical Science. This means that some of those little uncomfortable symptoms that you don’t think matter may matter to the acupuncturist. In fact, as you treat one, the others might resolve.

Our practitioners are general practitioners, however their specialities include pain conditions, trauma conditions, women’s health (including menopausal symptoms, PMS, infertility and painful menses), insomnia, chronic conditions (including fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue) and emotional health. If it sounds like a broad range, our practitioners had widely diverse backgrounds so their interests and talents come from a varied background, giving North Bend acupuncture patients an excellent source for many types of illness and disease.