Denise Fiedler, North Bend’s Acupuncturist

Are you running 30 mile marathons and want to go faster? Or is your marathon getting out of bed in the morning? Whatever your level of fitness or age, acupuncture can help.

Denise Fiedler has been an acupuncturist in the state of Washington for over ten years.  Before that her background was in sports medicine.  Denise not only understands your pain from the acupuncture paradigm, she understands the Western paradigm as well.   Most importantly, as an active woman, Denise understands what it’s like to get injured and want to heal. Quickly.

But I don’t have pain, you think.  Acupuncture can still help.  Acupuncture is a complete medicine, which means in addition to pain related conditions, it can also treat Women’s health issues, including menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and insomnia, as well as digestive problems, depression, anxiety, chronic illness, the side effects from chemotherapy and other drugs, allergies and even pediatric illnesses.

Give Denise a call and find out how she can help you today!