News From Shendao!

Denise Fiedler, LAc is sad to be saying good bye to North Bend over the next few months. As of June 1, she will no longer be accepting new patients.

New patients needing acupuncture should contact Misty Mountain Acupuncture for treatment.

Denise will still be seeing regular clients at the North Bend Site until further notice. For those who are interested in travel, her new clinic is Burien Family Acupuncture.

Are you running 30 mile marathons and want to go faster? Or is your marathon getting out of bed in the morning? Whatever your level of fitness or age, acupuncture can help. Denise Fiedler has been an acupuncturist in the state of Washington for over ten years.  Before that her background was in … [Read More...]

What Does Acupuncture Treat?

Acupuncture treats a wide variety of conditions from external pain conditions caused by trauma to deep internal progressive diseases The easiest way to tell if acupuncture can help you is to consider if you would like to feel better than you do now. Acupuncture can likely help. The theory behind acupuncture is very different from that of Western Medical Science. This means that some of those little uncomfortable symptoms that you don't think matter may matter to the acupuncturist. In fact, as … [Read More...]

People Are Raving About Shendao

When I first saw Denise I was in a lot of pain in my right hip, leg and low back. It was a real struggle just to climb the stairs to her exam room. After the initial treatment I expected pain when I went back down the stairs, but there was very little, so I turned around & climbed back up the stairs. I was surprised at how little pain there was considering that just 30 min earlier I almost couldn’t make it up the stairs. I really can’t remember anything that gave me relief so fast. After 6 treatments I can work and do normal activities with minimal to no pain.

Bill L.

More Testimonials

Denise Fiedler, LAc

Denise Fiedler, Acupuncturist 2012Denise Fiedler, Licensed Acupuncturist has over 20 years experience helping people feel better. Denise worked with athletic injuries as a trainer for years before she decided that acupuncture was the modality she was drawn to. Denise’s background in athletic injuries allows her to use the best of Western and Eastern medicine to treat her patients effectively. Denise also works with women’s health issues treating them for PMS, infertility and menopausal symptoms. She uses acupuncture, massage, moxa, sound and heat therapies to help her patients heal.

Denise works at Shendao Acupuncture in North Bend WA by appointment.